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An enthusiastic Full-stack web developer with hands-on experience in developing, collaborating & managing projects. Highly skilled decision-maker and problem solver.

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Few things about me

Hey There! I'm a passionate Full-stack web developer, specializing in the powerful MERN stack. My goal is to create user-centric products that solve real-world problems.

With hands-on experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, ReactJS, Typescript, Redux, Bootstrap, ChakraUI, Node.js, MongoDB, ExpressJS, and more, I've completed several projects that have honed my skills. I approach my work with discipline, focus, and a collaborative mindset.

I'm excited to explore cutting-edge technologies and leverage my skills to tackle significant challenges. When I'm not coding, you'll find me on the sports field, immersed in books, or enjoying the rhythms of music and podcasts.
Let's connect and make a positive impact together!

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  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • typescript
  • Redux
  • Bootstrap
  • chakraUI
  • nodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJS
  • MySQL
  • AWS
  • Postman
  • Heroku
  • Vercel
  • Netlify
  • Jest

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See my latest work

eBay clone Image

eBay Clone - eBuzz

- An e-commerce platform that facilitates online B2B & B2C sales.

Experience a robust project with MongoDB, Express.js, Node.js for backend, and React, Redux, ChakraUI for frontend. Discover an admin panel with search, sort, filter, cart, checkout, and authentication features. Enjoy a seamless experience.
Project Built by Team of 5 in just 5 Days

Tech Stack: ReactJS, router-dom, Redux, Authentication, mongoDB, expressJs, nodeJS, chakraUI

hello bonsai clone Image

Bonsai Clone - TimeLancer

- A web application for time tracking, invoicing and expense management.

Created a client page with a timer, footer, and secondary navbar. Utilized a JSON database for API calls. Skillfully resolved team-mate issues and addressed GitHub-related challenges, ensuring smooth functionality and improved performance.
Project Built by Team of 5 in just 5 Days

Tech Stack: JSON server, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Notes App Image

Notes App

- Create Notes of your Work, remember important stuff

In this project, I honed my skills in Typescript and Bootstrap by building components and applying Bootstrap's versatile library for styling. This hands-on experience provided a deeper understanding of both technologies in a combined environment.
Individual Project Built in just a Single Day

Tech Stack: ReactJS, Typescript, Bootstrap

bestBuy clone Image

Best Buy Clone

- Best Buy is a consumer electronics retail web application.

Discover a user-friendly website with form validation, cart count, and a stunning home page. Intuitive navigation, easy shopping with dedicated cart and checkout pages. Enjoy a seamless and visually appealing online experience.
Individual Project Built in just 5 Days

Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript

DSW clone Image

DSW Clone - Glamzone

- A web application to shop designer and name brand shoes and fashion accessories.

Developed an engaging Home Page, Navbar-Footer and a user-friendly Products Page. Implemented private route on the Products Page for enhanced security. Incorporated sorting and filtering functionalities to enhance the browsing experience.
Individual Project Built in just 5 Days

Tech Stack: React, router-dom, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Apni Dukan (Amazon Clone)

Amazon Clone - Apni Dukan

- A Responsive online marketplace for all your shopping needs.

Building an e-commerce website similar to Amazon using React and TypeScript. Employed the MERN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, React, and Node.JS) for seamless and powerful development.
Individual Project - Building Actively

Tech Stack: React, Typescript, Bootstrap, Router-dom, NodeJS, MongoDB, react-query, ExpressJS

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